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Color: Grey Black,Beige

Material: Felt cloth

Capacity: Books, phone, umbrella, wallet, etc.

Size: S: About Length * Height: 20 * 28 cm,

L: About Length * Height: 27 * 35 cm,

Allow about 1-3cm of error due to manual measurement.


Felt outer bag organizer bag with many pockets, keep your bag clean, and all belong well-organized. Serves for a variety of backpack models, Keep your bag in shape and in order

Protects your backpack, it protects sharp objects (eg pens, keys, etc.) from damaging your bag, helps protect the interior.

Fits for Backpack, keep your handbag look beautiful and in order, it is easy to change purses and bags throughout the day without having to rearrange.

Multi pocket organizer pockets, easy organizers your cosmetics, smartphone, glasses, travel items etc.

Please note: Before buying, please consult the specific size of your outsourcing, to choose from within smaller size bag than outsourcing. you can usually choose a small 1-2 inch than outsourcing.


1 x Backpack Inner Bag


Actually manually measured size may have some errors, it is in the range of ± 1cm, actual size please prevail in kind.

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