New Portable Make Up Organizer Felt Insert Bag for Handbag Travel Inner Purse Cosmetic Bags Fit Various Women Backpack Bags

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Color: As Picture

Material: Felt cloth

Capacity: Books, phone, iPad, umbrella, wallet, etc.

Package Includes: 1 pc Insert Bag


Small Organizer:

About Length * Width * Height: 7.68 * 4.72 * 10.43 inches / 19.5 * 12 * 26.5 cm

Large Organize:

About Length * Width * Height: 10.63 * 5.91 * 13.39 inch / 27 * 15 * 34 cm

Allow about 0.5 inch of error due to manual measurement.


1. Felt outer bag organizer bag with many pockets, keep your bag clean, and all belong well-organized. Serves for a variety of backpack models, Keep your bag in shape and in order

2. Protects your backpack, it protects sharp objects (eg pens, keys, etc.) from damaging your bag, helps protect the interior.

3. The Backpack Organizer Bag with deisign bag main zipper bag & 1 fornt 1; 3 small pockets, 3 pockets; 1 elastic pocket. pockets, accommodation toiletries, disorder, key, cell phone, cards, books, travel articles etc.

4, please note: Before buying, please consult the specific size of your outsourcing, to choose from within smaller size bag than outsourcing. you can usually choose a small 1-2 inch than outsourcing.


1. the color of some bags of bags are more or less different from the real one, because take picture of it in the sunshine.

2. because our bags are all new from factories, so maybe have a little smell, but do not worry please open it in the air, after a while will be fine!

3. the color of the liner, maybe different zipper because the factory sometimes use different color for the different zipper or liner.

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